Red Snapper on the West Coast?

The rocky shoreline of Southern California is home to a special Red Snapper. Unlike the fish of the similar name of the eastern US border, the Southern California version is a rockfish. With a different taste and texture than its eastern counterpart, it is a fish worthy of the dinning room table (or grill).

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But where do you find these larger Red Snappers?

Read on, the Captain of the Coloroma in Ventura County knows just where!

Cute girl catches large red snapper in Channel Islands at Hook's Landing
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Cute girl catches large California Red Snapper at Hook's Landing in Oxnard California

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What does it look like?

The largest of the rockfish to be called a red snapper is the Cowcod. It is also known as the cow rockfish, cowfish, or sometimes just cow.  It is highly sought after as it can grow to 37 inches and 28.5 pounds in size!

Large red snappers are orange to red in color with a protruding jaw and large eyes. The body and head are slightly compressed with the  head being large in size.

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Where are they caught?

That's the great part of sport fishing in Ventura County, California, small to average size rockfish are in rocky areas near the coast. Most are in waters under 360 feet.

But the Captains and deckhands on the boats at Hook's Sportfishing know where these larger red snappers are feeding.  And where the deeper rocky areas are.

A 1/2 day or 3/4 day trip out on one of their boast to the Channel Islands is sure to bag these as part of your fishing expedition

What Bait should I use?

You are not going wrong fishing for these larger fish with live squid and anchovies.  Sometimes they even get hooked trying to get the smaller fish you got as you are bringing them up from the bottom

Red Snappers also love cut bait like strips of mackerel, salted anchovies, and squid

See the prices on live and frozen bait on the Fishing Bait page

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