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Take advantage of 4 Generations of Sportfishing Off The Coast or The Channel Islands with Hook's Landing

Has a Deep Sea Fishing Trip in Southern California been on your mind recently?  And why wouldn't it?  Its a family sport, a mini-vacation, bonding ritual and relaxation all in one.

Oh, and don't forget, eating the absolute freshest seafood! yum...

If like most, you belong in one of these 3 categories:

  • Your first time Ocean Fishing
  • You're returning after a much too long absence from Sport Fishing
  • An experienced fisherman looking for a better choice in location

...Then read on.... this website is for you!  Four (4) Generations of fisherman share their sport fishing advice, tips and experience with you.  Its California and Channel Islands Sportfishing at its best. And, unlike other fishing sites, this one is filled with stories, your stories and photos

So join our friends, let's show you where to escape and enjoy Southern California Deep Sea Fishing at it's best.



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Where is the Best Ocean Fishing off the
Southern California Coast?

It's almost as if King Neptune himself gave schools of fish a map to the highway just off the coast of Southern California.  Deep Sea Fishing here could not have been any better.  Get a seasoned veteran to steer you in the right direction. Captain Steve of the Coroloma knows just where to take his boat off the coastal areas.

With over 20 species of mid to large sport fish, there is something for every skill level.

Repeating success for best sport fishing waters is an area just off the Southern California coast. This area known as the Channel Islands has been fished by novices and skilled fishermen such as Steve Volaski's family for generations. Captain Steve and his family at Hook's Sportfishing regularly see limit-catching days on board their boats like the Slayer.

Steve's son, Captain Chris, aboard the New Hustler, knows exactly where squid spawn and where the best White Seabass and large Halibut are lurking.

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Choosing Where to Launch From

Charter boat fishing off Channel Islands while Sportfishing with Hooks Landing Crew -

Charting a boat can seem confusing to a first time sport fishing angler. Its difficult to compare trips and prices when you are not sure of the correct questions to ask.  So lets make it easy...

Choose the type of fishing you'd like to do. Read the next section for your choices

Choose the length of your fishing trip.  You could shore fish or go dock fishing for as long or as short a period as you like. Boarding a boat for Deep Sea Fishing would entail half day, three quarter day or even overnight sport fishing trips

Choose your fishing gear and tackle.  Rods, reels, line.. do you already own? ... planing on buying? ... First time out?  Why not rent your gear? At Hook's Landing in the Channel Islands Harbor you can get a quality rod and reel set up and then buy your tackle the morning you head out to sea. But don't worry about the bait - when going on our boats it is included!

It just doesn't get any easier (and it's a lot less expensive to start out).

Don't forget the boat?  You need the correct deep sea boat for the right trip.  I remember my early deep sea fishing experiences... I booked a trip with a large sport fishing company. I learned quickly what a Sardine felt like.  Although they had many boats, they didn't send them out - they packed us in elbow to elbow, with no room to maneuver and cheapening the fishing experience.

Although Captain Chris' boat could hold 73 people, he limits his passengers to a maximum of 36.  So even at full capacity, there is still plenty of room.

One more thing. Trips on the New Hustler are made more enjoyable with such ammenities as flat screen TV, stocked kitchen and bar, 2 bathrooms and a separate shower, oh yes... and the bunk beds!

What are the Extra Fees to expect on your Deep Sea Fishing expedition.  Here are some extra fees you should be aware of:

  • Fishing License for all over age 16
  • Fishing Tackle
  • Food and Beverages
  • Fish cleaning fee if you would like your catch fileted by the time you return dock (a great time saver)
  • Parking fees - Hook's landing in Channel Islands Harbor has no charge (Some landings are in parking lots with fees ranging from $8 to $15.)

What Kind of Fishing Trip Type is For You?

Continue to Watch this website for upcoming Fishing Trips and Specials. Some of our Trip Types include:

Surf Fishing & Dock Fishing

Sport Fishing, Open Party

Private Charters

Business Team Building

Channel Islands Sportfishing Specials

Early Morning & Overnight Trips

Lobster & Crab

Call 805-382-6233 for information

Real-Time Earth & Moon Phase

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How To Get Started Deep Sea Fishing, Today

If you've been wanting to try Deep Sea Fishing for your 20, 30 or 50 pound 'keeper' then don't wait. You can't catch one from your sofa!

So get off the couch and CALL (805) 382-6233

or use the links on this page to Book Your Trip, today.

Dress in layers, bring your I.D., and let the professionals at Hook's Landing take care of everything. Including showing you how to bait your hook or unhook your catch.

It can't be any easier to get started then that!

What is the easiest, least expensive, and stress-free way to try deep sea fishing?

Table of Contents

Easy California Deep Sea Fishing Charters
California Deep Sea Fishing Charters Made Easy! Learn how to charter a sport fishing boat, what to bring, how much they cost, and first timer tips are right here
Special Twilight Fishing on the Coroloma in Oxnard Ca
Special after work price on our Twilight Fishing Charter at 6pm Fri, Sat, and Sunday only at Hooks Sportsfishing
Fish Counts from Hook's Sport Fishing Daily Deep Sea Fishing trips
Check out the Fish Counts from Southern California's Deep Sea Fishing trips along the coast and at the Channel Islands
Sport Fishing Pictures from Channel Islands Sportfishing at HOOK'S
View Fishing Pictures from Hook's Sport Fishing Customers and Discover the Excitement of Deep Sea Fishing at the Channel Islands
Catching Your First Fish, A Sportfishing Memory
Remember when you caught your first fish deep sea fishing? Now its your turn to create for your kids a fishing memory at Hooks Sportfishing, click and see how
Get fresh fishing bait daily CALL 805-382-6233
Most large fish in Southern California is caught with live fishing bait. Find out where to buy it, how to use it, and get great pricing
Bait Anchovy Catch More with Live Fresh Anchovies
Bait Anchovy, Frozen or Live Fresh Anchovies for Sport fishing. Get the tips to bring in your big catch in Southern California here
Catching the Yellowfin Tuna in the Pacific Ocean off California
Sportfishing for Yellowfin Tuna has never been easier than with this California guide for deep sea fishing for Yellowfin
Best Pacific Halibut Fishing off Southern California
Its a big ocean, but pacific Halibut fishing is easy when you know exactly where and how. See how the experts at Hook's Sportfishing in Southern California reel in 20 - 60 pound keepers
How to fish for lingcod
Get the FAQs on fishing for Lingcod, then book your trip today for sportfishing in Southern California
Fishing for Red Snapper in Southern California's west coast
Cute girl catches large California red snapper on the Coloroma at Hooks Landing in Oxnard. Get tips here
What is a Chucklehead? A Copper Rockfish
The chucklehead, a copper rockfish is perfect for fish and chips! Learn how and where to fish for them here
Great Sea Bass Season Catching White Seabass at Channel Islands
Sea Bass are biting and limits are being caught of White Seabass near Channel Islands with the help of Hook's Sportfishing
Sport Fishing Magazines for the Deep Sea Fishing Enthusiast
Sport Fishing Magazines with low price guarantees round out your deep sea fishing knowledge and keep up the excitement.
Deep Sea Fishing Tournaments in Southern California
Look here to participate in Deep Sea Fishing Tournaments in Southern California. Included is the Kids Fishing Derby sponsored by Hook's Landing in Oxnard for your young beginner fisherman!
Kids Fishing Derby Teaches Youngsters About Deep Sea Fishing
See how the Seasoned Pros at Hook's Landing hold an annual Fishing Derby to teach kids the basics of Deep Sea Fishing in a fun and trophy winning environment!
Best Parade Of Lights View is on the Water
The Parade of Lights at Channel Island Harbor features Hook's Landing boats taking you out on the water for the Best View of Christmas Decorations and the Boat Parade from your ocean view seat
Fred Hall Show Exibitor Hooks Landing Introduces New Surf Fishing Tackle
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Fourth of July Fireworks by the Sea 805-382-6233
Celebrate Fourth of July at Channel Islands Harbor Fireworks By The Sea onboard Hook's Sportfishing boats for a spectacular show Call 805-382-6233
Hooks Landing Best Deep Sea Fishing in Southern California CALL 805-382-6233
Hooks Landing Features 4 Generations of Ocean Fshing Captains ready to bring you the best in Southern California Deep Sea Sport Fishing Adventures
California Sport Fishing Reports
Sport Fishing Reports is up to the minute notices of our website news, discounts and special Deep Sea Fishing announcements. Place us on your newsreader so you don't miss a thing!
Best In Oxnard Award Goes To Hook's Landing for Fishing
Hook's Landing earns Best In Oxnard Award in the Fishing Activities category by the Oxnard Award Program.
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